The Sims 4 Gets a Release Date and New Trailer

EA has finally announced the release date for the new installment in The Sims franchise as well as showed off some of the game and a new trailer.

In the demo we were shown how personality traits can play a roll in your Sims everyday life. We are introduced to Chuck, a hot headed bodybuilder who also loves poetry. When Chuck shares his poetry with one of his neighbors things go south quick. Chuck’s neighbor is not much of a fan of Chuck’s poetry and they start to fight, this leads to Chuck being upset and having to throw a party. It’s an interesting addition to The Sims and will help to give each Sim a little bit more of a unique personality.

We were also shown how easy it can be to import other players Sims right into your very own game. Which undoubtably will result in people creating and downloading Sims based on famous people. How fun will it be to put Kanye West and Lindsey Lohan in the same house together?

The Sims 4 seems to build on the franchise, but I wonder if it is actually pushing the franchise further. The leap from The Sims to The Sims 2 was gigantic and so very welcomed, but the jump from The Sims 2 to was very minor and I can’t help but wonder if 3 to 4 will be just as minor.

New personalities seem fun, but is it all that much different from how Sims are already? If you choose to create a Sim in The Sims 3 that is friendly and energetic he is going to behave differently then if you create a Sim that is a couch potato and mean. Maybe I am not fully grasping the concept of personalities, but we know for sure The Sims 4 won’t break the franchise and will definitely be enjoyable play.

You can pick up your copy of The Sims 4 on September 2nd and be sure to watch the trailer and demo from EA’s press conference below.

Are you excited for the new Sims? Do the new personalities interest you? Do you think that The Sims 4 isn’t pushing the game enough? Let us know in the comments below and for everything Sims 4 stay right here on ELGN.

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