NHL 15 Continues to Look Amazing

NHL 15 continues to impress, EA released a dev diary we giving us a peak behind the curtain of how the next iteration in the franchise is re-working player models. In this iteration of NHL players will have jersey’s that react to the environment around them and not just sit static on their model. Meaning if a puck is to skim past it the jersey will ripple and as the player moves the jersey will move realistically. Which hopefully means the end of stretching jersey numbers! The video also announces user controlled celebrations. Now you can choose how you want to rub it in your opponents face.

Although we have yet to be shown any actual gameplay NHL 15 definitely looks gorgeous. The game screams next gen and with the few trailers we have been shown seems to do an outstanding job of capturing the NHL sights and sounds. There may not be a sports game this year that I am more excited about than NHL 15, although I wish we could see the game in play instead of edited footage and cinematic shots.

You can pick up your copy of NHL 15 September 9th and watch the dev diary below.

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