How I Cleared The Arachnid Quarter

You just gained access to the Arachnid Quarter in the new expansion The Curse of Naxxramas for Blizzard’s Hearthstone and now you want to know how to defeat all three bosses so you can get your hands on that shiny new legendary card. Well you came to the right place. Below is how are my tips and how I managed to clear the first wing in the expansion.

Anub’rekhan and Grand Widow Faerlina:

The first two bosses in The Curse of Naxxramas expansion are not very difficult. If you have been actively playing Hearthstone and have built some decent decks Anub’rekhan shouldn’t be any problem. Grab your best deck and go do battle with this big bug. Soon you will have your hands on the first card rewards in the expansion.

Grand Widow Faerlina will put up a little bit more of a fight, but still doesn’t pose much of a challenge. Grab your best aggressive deck since you don’t want to overload your hand since Faerlina’s hero ability will cast a bolt that does 1 damage for every card currently in your hand. This can allow her to drain your health quickly if you sit and try to wait for late game action. The goal is to have a lot of minions on the table and few cards in your hand so that you her hero ability becomes meaningless.

I defeated Anub’rekhan with my Priest control deck in the first attempt. I tried to defeat Grand Widow Faerlina with my Priest deck, but after one attempt grabbed my hunter deck and beat her in one try.


Maexxna is the final boss in the Arachnid Quarter and the first real challenge in the expansion. Her hero ability allows her to return one of your minions on the table to your hand and her deck is full of cards both powerful and low in mana allowing her to easily overwhelm you.

The trick to Maexxna is to load your deck with cards that have the “Charge” ability. This helps to negate her hero ability as even if she sends your minion back into your hand you can still attack as soon as you re-play it.

I found the hunter class to be the best class to go against her. The Hunter’s hero ability can help bring her health down quickly, and since she can overload the table with low health minions “Unleash the Hounds” card can be a very helpful in this fight.

Don’t worry too much about taking out the minions she plays your goal is to solely take out her health as quickly as possible so she isn’t able to play her more powerful cards.

Below is the deck that I used to crush Maexxna:

Class: Hunter

Hunter’s Mark x 2

Arcane Shot x 2

Stonetusk Boar x2

Timber Wolf x2

Bluegill Warrior x2

Scavenging Hyena x1

Starving Buzzard x2

Animal Companion x2

Deadly Shot x2

Kill Command x1

Unleash the Hounds x2

Arcane Golem x1

Wolfrider x2

Leeroy Jenkins x1

Stormwind Knight x2

Argent Commander x2

Reckless Rocketeer x2

If you can combine your Starving Buzzard with Timberwolves and Boars in the middle game you can easily fill your hand as well as put some serious hurt on Maexxna and come in for the final blow with Leeroy Jenkins.

With this deck you will soon be rewarded that first legendary of the expansion and on your way to the class specific challenges and heroic mode. Good luck out there!

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