This Could be the Weirdest Sims Yet

With smarter Sims come weirder stories, or so Electronic Arts says. In a new trailer that was released over the weekend it is stressed that The Sims 4 will have smarter Sims and sure looks weird.

With Sims be walked in on while sitting on the toilet thinking about penguins (I mean who doesn’t do that?), a Sim being electrocuted while trying to fix a new T.V. and even building a rocket ship this version in the popular game seems to be the most weird version of the game.

These Sims will have new emotions, personalities and behave differently from the Sims of the past, which will make for much more interesting game play. How will these Sims react when living with other Sims? We will finally have Sims that flat out hate each other? EA seems to have created a fun world to live and play in and any Sims fan should be excited about the game, unless of course they want to have a pool in their backyard.

You can watch the short trailer below and The Sims 4 will release on September 2nd.

Are you excited for new Sims? Do you think the new personalities will severely change how the Sims plays? Let me know in the comments below.


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