The $99 Console Contender

Another console gaming platform is hitting the shelves on June, 2013. A brand new console with no real predecessor. Late to the party, the OUYA seeks to grant the development tools to the players, in a brand new format using the Android Operating System.

Ouya Kickstarter Video

Announced on July 3rd, 2012, the leader, Julie Uhrman provided a very vague but inspiring glimpse of what the OUYA could be. Within the video she brought out Industrial Designer, Yves Behar (Developer of the “One Child Per Laptop” project) with several concept designs. By displaying these high end design concepts, they were able to exceed their funding requirement of $950,000 within thirty days, by a shocking $3,000,000 within two using the Kickstarter program.


Using the funding to provide an exceptional gaming console, they have come up with a system to provide ample Mod-Ability, and gaming potential. While it may fall short of anything like the XboX 360 and Playstation 3, it will prove quite formidable, given the amount of customization, diversity, and potential such a system could provide. The hardware is still well off, however, with a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage.


The goal with these simple designs are to allow for the players to adapt their OUYA to provide a considerable range of potential from within and without. The entirety will be outfitted with standard screws for simple hardware modifications, as well as a utilitarian software design to allow you to put nearly anything you can develop up on to your television. This basis is backed by a free development system that no one will have to pay for; the only requirement is that all games sold for the OUYA must be in any kind of way, playable for free.

It is said that Indie games like Minecraft have already taken their roots in the OUYA system and will be fully supported, along with things like TwitchTV, and hopefully other game browsing methods to watch things like Starcraft 2 and League of Legends.

The OUYA is set to be released in March for the Kickstarters who helped from the beginning, and June for everyone else for only $99!

For more information, feel free to visit the OUYA website.

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