Sunset Overdrive Trailer and Gameplay

Insomniac showed off their upcoming third person shooter, Sunset Overdrive, at Microsoft’s E3 press conference on Monday with a funny trailer and some intriguing gameplay demonstration. The game is sure to peak your interest with it’s colorful presentation and fourth wall breaking humor.

The trailer shows off some stunning comic like graphics, at one point when a freeze gun is shot at a multitude of monsters the phrase “BRRR” pops up in frozen letters. Also demonstrated was the ease of movement, the character grinds along wires and jumps high into the air with ease making movement from one place to the other simple and quick.

We were given a little background to what the game is actually about thanks to a witty intro by the main character of the trailer. A contaminated energy drink has turned everyone into monsters and it’s your job to save Sunset City, from not only monsters but also bandits. The developer playing game at the end also mentioned multiplayer and loot, and whenever loot is involved you have grabbed my attention.

The game does a great job of presentation and humor  but I question the gameplay. Watching as the character flew in the air and shot an assortment of guns at monsters didn’t strike me as very fun or different. I didn’t understand the purpose or why the character was doing this, but I was really interested as to why thanks to the amazing presentation.

I am sure there will be more released in the coming months as the game is set to be released on October 28th exclusively on the Xbox One, but this is a game to keep your eyes on for sure.

You can watch the trailer and gameplay below.

Are you excited for Sunset Overdrive? Do you have any concerns for the game? Did the trailer make you laugh? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay here on ELGN for more Sunset Overdrive information.

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