Rainbow 6 Siege Looks Nuts

Ubsisoft ended their E3 press conference in style by announcing Rainbow 6 Siege with a pre-alpha multiplayer gameplay video. The six minute long video showed off some impressive graphics along with some even more impressive gameplay mechanics.

The video starts with a video feed over a house when suddenly the camera cuts to inside the house thanks to a drone camera. As the player maneuvers around the house with the drone we see masked men boarding up windows and doors. Once the drone enters into a room with two masked men we finally see what these guys are protecting, a hostage.

After his drone is spotted by the men within the house the team decides on a plan of attack and begins their assault on the house and the men inside it. It becomes clear rather quickly, that the goal for the SWAT team is to extract the hostage and for the men inside the house to prevent this from happening.

The graphics were impressive, but more than anything the gameplay mechanics that were shown off was what really impressed. SWAT teams used explosives to breach a door and ceiling, and the terrorist boarded up windows and doors to prevent the SWAT team from moving forward. The entire environment seemed to be destructible, as players shot at walls holes started to form and at the start of the match when the SWAT team came in through the window the entire wall was blown away.

The footage was rather impressive, but unfortunately this is Ubisoft. A company that is becoming more and more infamous on not delivering what they have demonstrated, and with a statement such as “pre-alpha” at the beginning of the footage I can’t help but think that what we were shown was nothing but a vertical slice.

But Ubisoft seems to be dreaming big with this title and just like The Division if they can deliver they have yet another potential genre changing game on their hands. The question is if they can actually deliver.

You can check out the crazy gameplay footage below.

Are you as impressed with the gameplay footage as we are? Do you think Ubisoft can deliver? Or will we be let down again? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stay right here on ELGN.

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