NHL 15 is Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous

EA at their E3 press conference on Monday showed off the first gameplay footage of their upcoming hockey simulator NHL 15 and it is jaw droopingly gorgeous. All the footage in the trailer was captured from actual gameplay and if you are a hockey fan you will be drooling after watching it.

The first scene we see is of Madison Square garden and there is very little that would make you believe it wasn’t an actual picture. The crowd, the ice the lights everything is almost picture perfect. We are followed by gorgeous slow motion shots of players and they are just a stunning. Players uniforms look like actual fabric, the glare off of their helmets is realistic and to top it all off their movements are perfect.

Players glide across the ice in perfect motion and when a player is hit he responds perfectly. At one point in the trailer you see a player who has gotten his legs cut out from underneath him in front of the goalie and has caused a pile up. It is arguably the prettiest looking sports game ever.

Not only did we get to see this amazing trailer, but we were given some more information on what has been added to the game. For the first time all twelve players on the ice and the puck have physics, meaning they will respond to hits and other players.

NHL 15 has now become my most anticipated sports game of the year, I can’t wait to get out on the ice and take the Columbus Blue Jackets to a Stanley Cup Championship.

You can grab a copy of NHL 15 September 9th. Check out the outrageously gorgeous trailer below.

Are you as impressed with NHL 15’s graphics as we are? Will you be buying a copy? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay right here for all you gaming needs.

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