New The Order 1886 Gameplay and Trailer

For the second year in a row we were given a look at Santa Monica Studio’s upcoming title The Order 1886. At Sony’s E3 press conference we were shown for the first time a gameplay video.

Most of the video follows the main character through a darkly lit building as he carries a torch in search of something. The graphics and lighting look great and the game does a great job of setting a scary but intriguing environment, beckoning you to investigate but still make hesitant to enter a room.

After searching for a bit the character stumbles upon what looks like a human feasting on human remains. After noticing the main character the human stands up and turns into a gruesome looking monster and starts to charge.

After the creature transforms and starts to charge a cross hair indication pops up on the main screen to symbolize that the player now has control again, this transition is almost unnoticed and done beautifully. This transition between gameplay and cut scene is done multiple times in the video and each time the transition is seamless and impressive. It was so impressive that while watching I had to wonder if we were seeing just another trailer or actual gameplay.

We were also shown another trailer that continues to build on what we already know about the game while showing off some more gameplay.

I don’t share the same excitement as many others do with this game, the gameplay video and trailer didn’t do anything that excited me or made me feel like the game is going to be the next great new I.P., but that’s not to say it doesn’t have potential.

It almost feels as though Santa Monica Studio knows they have a hit on their hands and are purposefully keeping all the exciting things a secret. Why else would over 1:20 of a 4:00 gameplay video be nothing but walking around in a building with a lantern?

But everything we have been shown has already been done before and I am still waiting to see what new things The Order 1886 is bring to the table.

The Order 1886 will be released Feburary 20th 2015 only for the PS4 and you can watch the gameplay video and trailer below


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