New The Division Trailer and Gameplay

Another E3 and another look at Ubisoft’s ambitious title The Division. During Xbox’s press conference we were treated to yet another game play video and a cinematic CGI trailer was presented at Ubisoft’s very own press conference.

The gameplay video starts off high above NYC and slowly pans down into the subway system. As you go lower and lower the detail of the city is clearly evident. Bits of trash are scattered all around and the subway is dimly lit. The video follows some agents as they set off to establish a foothold in the city, but quickly run into trouble.

We don’t get to see the gorgeous graphics, and the graphics and detail is jaw dropping, but the video also shows off some gameplay elements. Players switch between skills and deploy drones to help assist in the takedown of enemies, either blinding them with light or spraying fire in their direction forcing them to hide behind a car. There are clearly RPG elements in The Division and a lot of skills that can be used to over take your foes.

We also were given some more detail on the story and the world The Division will take place in. On Black Friday a pandemic is released and quickly necessary services fall. With panic setting in a secret force of agents titled The Division is activated in order to take back control of the city. All this and more detail on the game are written in the YouTube video description of the trailer that was released at the Ubisoft press conference.

The trailer gave the game a much darker tone then the two gameplay videos we have seen and beautifully portrays a dark and hopeless feeling. The trailer is easily one of the best to come out of this years E3 and although it shows no gameplay or gives little background story one can’t help but get excited for this game after watching it.

Unfortunately I am forcing myself to reserve excitement. Ubisoft has had a history of over promising and not delivering, most recently with their hacker open world game Watch Dogs, and I can’t help but wonder if we have been shown nothing but two vertical slices and fear what the final product will be.

Everything they have shown has been super ambitious and rumors have been circulating that the game is still in early development. But if Ubisoft can deliver on everything or even just the majority of things they have shown, The Division has the potential to be an industry changing game. Sadly I refuse to get my hopes up for fear of being let down again, but I am rooting hard for them to achieve everything they want to.

You can watch the trailer and the gameplay video below. The Division will be out 2015.

Are you excited for the The Division? Do you trust Ubisoft? Can they deliver on everything they have shown? Let us know in the comments below and make sure you stay right here at ELGN for all your gaming needs.

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