New Metal Gear Solid V Trailer

In true Metal Gear Solid fashion we were shown a five minute cinematic trailer at Sony’s E3 press conference for the upcoming installment in the series, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Also in true Metal Gear Solid fashion the trailer was on the odd side. With Snake smearing his face with the ashes of a fallen solider, a battle with a plastic chair and children wielding guns and running at 5:30+ min it was a true Metal Gear Solid trailer.

Not much information is given through the trailer in terms of story, with nothing more then quick flashes of the game the trailer did a better a job of conveying the gorgeous graphics that Metal Gear Solid V will have. Although the trailer did seem to have a little bit darker tone than would be expected from a Metal Gear Solid game. This worries me that they are trying to take Metal Gear Solid a little too seriously and we will lose what has made the series so great.

You can watch the 5+ minute trailer below.

Are you worried that Metal Gear Solid V may be too serious for its own good? Or are you just excited for an open world Metal Gear Solid? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay right here on ELGN.

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