Madden 15 is Trying to Make Defense Fun

At EA’s E3 Press conference this past Monday EA showcased some of the new features that are coming to Madden 15 and showed off a new trailer. Starting their segment off stating that for years fans have asked for EA to make the defensive side of the ball more fun most of the presentation was spent on discussing the new defensive features added to the game.

Starting with a new camera angles that puts the camera behind you while you are on defense in order to help you read and react to the play. Getting blocked is no longer going to stop your player dead in his tracks, instead you can choose where to push the blocker and how to shed the block. Tackling now is given a tiered tackling cone to help you lineup your hits, and now you can choose from a conservative or more aggressive tackle.

After showing some gameplay videos of examples of these new features we were treated to a new trailer that focused on the defensive side of the ball. The trailer showed gameplay footage and demonstrated some of the new features again.

Madden 15′s graphics looked improved from Madden 25, but I couldn’t help but be underwhelmed after seeing trailers for PGA Tour and NHL 15. The players still looked like they were moving stiffly and awkwardly and still didn’t seem realistic. Also all the new features demonstrated at the press conference didn’t impress me.

The last time EA claimed to have made defense more fun and put on the same playing field as offense they failed. In fact the only thing successful that came out of that was the “hit stick” and even that mechanic was over used. It’s sad that the most popular sport in America seems to get the worst video game of all of them.

I worry that either these new features will be meaningless and removed come Madden 16 or they will just make defense so overpowered that it won’t be fun and too easy when playing AI.

Madden 15 will be released August 26th and you can watch the trailer and gameplay demonstration below.

Do you think Madden 15 can actually succeed at making defense fun? Will you be purchasing a copy of Madden 15? Let us know in the comments below and for everything Madden 15 stay right here on ELGN.


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