GTA V Is Coming to the PS4

To almost no one’s surprise Rockstar announced that their mega hit, Grand Theft Auto V, will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall. The announcement was made at Sony’s E3 press conference and accompanied with a new GTA V trailer showing off the graphics for the game on the current gen consoles.

The game looks better than ever in the trailer. It’s impressive how much more detail Rockstar has put into their already impressive game. Areas look more lush, cars look more realistic and even player models seem more crisp. After the trailer Sony announced some impressive news, when GTA V comes to PS4 gamers will be able to transfer over their PS3 or Xbox 360 GTA Online characters to the PS4, this will only be doable on the PS4.

You can watch the new gorgeous trailer below and make the decision of if you will be purchasing this classic in the fall. The new graphics may be enough for me to drop some more money just so I can play the game on the PS4 and say farewell to the old gen of consoles for good.

Have you still not played GTA V? Will you be getting the game again on the new consoles? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked right here on ELGN.

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