Evolve Release Approaches! #4v1

Players will take on the role of a bestial Monster who seeks to consume and evolve, to destroy all in their path, or the Hunters sent to stop them in their tracks. The planet Shear faces danger of being wiped clean from Monsters, and you can be there to save it, or destroy it!


Evolve was an incredibly anticipated game for the year of 2014, but had to be pushed back to February 10th of 2015, where it will be launched for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC players, courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios and 2k Games.Evolve-game-image-evolve-game-36709826-726-248

In Evolve, as a Monster you will hunt, kill, consume, and evolve in order to defeat the Hunters, or achieve an objective. As a Hunter, you will track, pursue, and destroy the Monsters, before they can overcome you. Teamwork in Evolve is an essential part of the gameplay, as it can’t be easy taking down a hulking beast, or cunning creature alone. Working together using the many elements of the world Shear to your advantage, or tearing the teamwork apart, followed by a body or two.

First off, in a game like Evolve, there’s a lot going on. What do a band of hunters and a big scary monster do together exactly? Well, kill each other is one answer, and not an entirely wrong one. A plethora of options are available to players.

Game Modesc72_evolve-box-art

Game modes like Hunt; the simple seek and destroy mission for the hunters, Rescue;  where the threat of the monsters truly feels real, as the hunters rush to save stragglers across the land from the pursuing monster, Nest; a unique mode in which the hunters pursue halting the breeding of the monsters, and putting a stop to their growth, Defend; where the Hunters have achieved all they came to do, and are making a break for their trip off the planet Shear, and away from the monsters’ grasps.

All of these options allow the player a fun experience individually, but to truly experience the story and adventure behind Evolve a special mode, Evacuation, is also there for players to explore. Evacuation pits a team of Hunters, and a Monster against one another in a campaign mode of five rounds, each rounds result ultimately affecting the world of the following round. This can create for a very dynamic and intense experience for both the Hunters, and the Monster.

Hunter Roles

As a player, you will have to choose how you go about hunting these Monsters, or perhaps even how you make the Hunters the hunted. Hunters are provided with several tools to attract the eye, suiting each and every possible play-style. As hunters, you can fulfill your role in the team of an Assault, Medic, Support, or Trapper.

Assaults hold the front of the team together. Taking the bulk of the damage, Assaults all carry personal shield generators, and heavy weapons, ranging from Flame Throwers to Missile Launchers and everything in between.

Holding up the backlines of the team, Medics frenzy at the chance to keep their teammates from damaging, and helping with the destruction of the Monster. Healing tactics can vary, a basic Medgun, a Grenade Launcher of soothing goodness, or you could just burn them down with a Sniper, or Napalm Grenade Launcher! Utilities can include Tranquilizing the monster, or just raising people from the dead like the mad scientist you are.

277075-AwardsHeaderThe Support role can be really diverse, and can cause for a lot of creativity. Strategies can change from team to team, whether you need a stealth field generator, an orbital barrage, or perhaps just a floating exploding robot head? Supports focus on keeping damage going, while providing all the extra utility a team could ask for.

Trappers focus on containment, and tracking skills. Whether you’re keen on keeping a pet Trapjaw handy, or hearing them out with the sound of their footsteps, no team can ever deny the luxury of a Mobile Arena locking a monster down. There’s also the luxury of just harpooning it in to submission.


Hunters are great, but what are we all here for? To see giant, terrifying, world-destroying monsters with which to rip the Hunters apart! Using all four unique abilities of each Monster to track, kill, and devour the local wildlife with the common goal of every animal: Evolution. Evolving will allow the Monster to enhance these unique abilities to suit their play style, or situation and make for a very dynamic and creative match that will never be the same twice.

Step one as a monster: you’re big, you’re scary, and you want to smash some people, and the Goliath will do just that. This hulking beast can leap long distances, charge at terrifying speed, breathe fire, hurl rocks of great size, and smash things.87670b5446125907927e5881b6783fd580c7a1c3.jpg__620x348_q85_crop_subject_location-1005,283_upscale

When you’re done smashing and crashing and wreaking havoc on your victims, take a step deeper in to a more sci-fi realm, and unlock the Kraken. The Kraken is a massive Squid-Octopus-like monster that is capable of flying throughout the air, and launching electrical strikes, setting mines, and whipping at people with incredibly dangerous tentacles!

But just a step further reveals more, terrifying, creepy-crawly secrets. The Wraith is the stealthiest of the group, and uses deception to trick prey in to turning their backs, just for a second, before launching a victim in to solitude, and feasting. Perhaps a little less resilient, but all the more reason to be very afraid.

The World of Shear

The world of Shear is a vast place. As a colony planet on the far reaches of space, it isn’t the most populated, but it definitely has its residents. These residents have unlocked scientific secrets, and lived a long, successful life on Shear, until now. Exploring the world is very much so within the players grasp as they can play through maps ranging from wild forests, to snowy mountainsides, to barren deserts, and everything in between.

You are not alone on this world, however. A number of species also inhabit this world, and its many landscapes. Some friendly, some neutral, and some very lethal creatures will litter the hunting grounds, and you will be fighting through them every step of the way for survival.

But what could possibly drive such important and experience people to come all the way to the far reaches of space just to hunt some creatures? What could possibly be so dire that you need to protect it? What makes them so confident that they can keep you from destroying it? Explore the world of Shear to discover every aspect of the monsters’ existence, and your part in it.

Evolve has displayed excellent results across the world as it has premiered in play-tests everywhere from the Big Alpha Test on Steam, or open play at conventions like E3 and Gamescom. It will receive even further performance testing and criticism during its Beta, come January, for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, all preparing for its ultimate release scheduled for February 10th, 2014.

Hunters of all ages, Monsters of all stages, now is the time to gear up for a dangerous expedition through the world of Shear to unlock some dark secrets, and competitive game play!


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