Evolve Has a New Monster

At PAX East this year the game that had everyone talking the most, myself and my buddy included, was Evolve. The graphics were stunning and the gameplay looked amazing. Pitting four player controlled characters, hunters, against one player controlled monster, it looked like something new and exciting was being brought to the world of multiplayer.

The four hunters goal is to track and kill the monster while the monster tries to level up his skills and then kill the four players. It was intense to watch and had everyone drooling, but one of my major concerns from watching the game was, wouldn’t this get repetitive quickly? And is there only one monster?

Turtle Rock Studios showed off another gorgeous trailer for the game today at Microsoft’s press conference and within the trailer revealed a second monster. An electrically charged kraken type creature. This further increases my excitement for this game.

Also in the new trailer it was announced that an open beta will be conducted this fall on Xbox One and that future DLC will come to Xbox One first.

Evolve is shaping up to be a hit. With an original take on multiplayer and intense gameplay the game will peak the interest of almost every gamer out there. My biggest concerns so far is how repetitive the game will be and if Turtle Rock Studios can find a way to throw in some variation, whether it be by leveling skills or providing more monsters. Either way you can check out the new trailer below in all its kraken electric goodness and start hunting October 21st when Evolve comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you excited for Evolve? What do you think of the new monster? Do you believe there will be even more monsters? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to stay right here at ELGN for more Evolve news.

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