EA Announces PGA Tour

EA announced their golf simulator PGA Tour with a very short trailer at their E3 conference this past Monday. The trailer showed off some impressive graphics as the camera panned over beautifully rendered golf courses. Also in the trailer we were given a quick glimpse into the fantasy golf courses that will be in the game. This particular hole was a Battlefield 4 themed hole, complete with a ship crashing into the middle of the fairway.

Outside the trailer EA gave a little more information on the game. This iteration of EA’s golf simulator is made with the powerful Frostbite engine, the very engine that powers Dice’s Battlefield series, and the entire golf course will be rendered at the beginning, meaning there will be no load times in between holes.

Although we didn’t get to see much it was a very pretty trailer and with this generation of consoles all the famous golf courses are sure to be the prettiest we have ever seen. It struck me as kind of odd that EA would us “fantasy courses” as one of their main selling points. Most people that show interest in this game are more interested in playing at Augusta or Pinehurst and realism other than fantasy courses, and to me they just seem gimmicky.

PGA Tour will be released in spring of 2015 and you can watch the short trailer below.

Will you be grabbing a copy of PGA Tour 15? Are you excited for the fantasy courses? Or do they seem gimmicky? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to keep it locked to ELGN for all your gaming needs.

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