Dead Island 2 Announced with Awesome Trailer

Dead Island 2 was announced at Sony’s E3 press conference with an impressive trailer. Unlike the impressive trailer that accompanied the announcement for the first Dead Island this trailer was more carefree and aligned with the tone of the games.

I don’t even want to ruin the trailer for you, so I will say just watch it below. Listen to the two voices at the end of the trailer though in my opinion they sound a lot like Jack Black and Aaron Paul. There have been no confirmations of this and at certain points in the short dialogue they don’t sound like either of the actors, but if Deep Silver found a way to get the actors to voice two of their characters that would be outstanding.

It has become apparent now that Deep Silver can create a great trailer, the real question is if they can deliver on a great game. Many players were disappointed with the first game and it’s expansion of sorts Dead Island Riptide.Many gamers were expecting a more realistic darker zombie game and were greeted with more of a b movie action style setting.

It seems like Dead Island 2 knows it’s not a serious game and doesn’t try to be, at least that’s what I get from the trailer. But the trailer for the original Dead Island gave off a dark realistic zombie game feeling and that’s not what we were given so anything is possible.

You can watch the impressive and entertaining trailer below.

Did you play the original Dead Island? Will you be interested in picking up Dead Island 2? Do you think the people in the trailer were Jack Black and Aaron Paul? Let us know what you think and more in the comments below and as always make sure to keep it locked on ELGN.

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