Cliff Bleszinki’s Next Game is a Free to Play Shooter

After two years away from video games Cliff Bleszinki, the creator of Gears of War, announced today that his next game will be a free to play science fiction arena shooter code named “Blue Streak”. The game is being developed by Bleszinki’s new studio Boss Key. There wasn’t much information given aside from announcing the game is currently in development, that it will be for the PC and that Boss Key will be working with Nexon to publish the new game. Later in the day CliffyB urged fans to follow Bluestreak on twitter where fans can watch the team develop a game in real time and that he will be answering as many of the fan’s questions today at 5:30 (venue to be announced later). He also managed to poke a little fun at the big time budget games by stating there would be no “fake CG trailer”.

Are you excited for CliffyB’s new game? Do you have any expectations? Let us know in the comments below. For everything video game related make sure to stay right here on ELGN!

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