Bioware Announces New Mass Effect and New I.P.

In a short video at the EA E3 press conference on Monday Bioware announced that the Mass Effect series will be coming to this generation of consoles. The video doesn’t show much and wasn’t even a trailer for the new game, but gave some quick glimpses into what we can expect from the new iteration.

We are given quick glimpses at conceptual art and still shots of characters and environments. Bioware states that the new game will take the player to a “whole new region of space” and that gamers will be “surprised at just how far [Bioware] is going”.

The graphics within the small glimpses are breathtaking; at one point showing the detail of a space suit that almost borders on real. The gloves and wrinkles in the fabric almost fools the eye into believing it’s real and the the conceptual planet surfaces look amazing.

While announcing the new Mass Effect Bioware also announced that while they are working on the next Mass Effect game they are also working on a completely new game. Not much information was given on the new I.P., but in the video they talk about creating a “fictional world that feels real and is constantly changing”.

Unfortunately not much detail was provided on either titles, but it’s exciting enough to know that Bioware is working on the next Mass Effect, and from what little we have seen the game looks gorgeous.

Bioware is one of the most respected and successful developers in the industry and it will be extremely exciting to see what they are capable of with the new power they have been given thanks to new consoles.

You can watch the very vague and brief trailer below.

Are you surprised there is a new Mass Effect? When do you expect the new Mass Effect to be out? What kind of new game do you think Bioware is making? Let us know in the comments below and stay right here on ELGN for more Mass Effect news.

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