Be the Bad Guy in Fable Legends

Lionhead studio showed off their upcoming Xbox One game, Fable Legends, with a gameplay demonstration at Xbox’s E3 press conference this past Monday. The demonstration introduced us to some of the heroes in Fable Legends. 

Sterling, described as a “classic Fable hero”, Winter “a hero of will, Rook “a hero of skill” and Inga “a hero of strength”. The first thing that you will notice is how gorgeous all the heroes look, the detail to to the heroes is impressive. Rook’s hood flaps very real like as he runs and the bottles attached to his coat swing when he moves.

All four heroes are controlled by a player and we are treated to a quick adventure. As the heroes enter into a ruin in order to retrieve an accent artifact they are attacked. As the four players fight back against the forces it is obvious that the detail and love put into this game is intense. Spells and character movements are gorgeous and as the heroes fight through hordes of enemies they shout Fable-esque one liners.

Finally when the heroes catch a break we are informed that not only in Fable Legends can you play with three other friends, but you can be the villain. The villain player controls the battlefield from above, releasing enemies and putting down traps in order to try and stop the four heroes. It’s an interesting premise added to multiplayer, but I am worried that this game has little to do with Fable.

I have had a love affair with the Fable franchises from the first moment it was released on the original Xbox. The game had a certain feel that very few games had. I enjoyed leveling my character and making good or bad decisions, and after this demonstration I don’t get how many of these staples to the Fable franchise will be implemented into this iteration of Fable.

It is obvious the game still takes place in the Fable universe, the Fable presentation is still there. Characters are still witty and cities still have that same feeling from the first three games, but if there is already a choice to play a villain then will there be a choice to be evil? And if there are different characters based on strength, will and skill do I not get to craft my very own hero?

Fable Legends multiplayer beta will take place this fall and you can watch the gameplay video below.

Are you still excited for Fable Legends? Did this presentation spark any fears? Will you be excited to play as the villain? Let me know in the comments below.

Are you excited to play the villain in Fable Legends? Are you worried that Fable Legends may be losing a lot of what has made the Fable Series Great? Or do you believe all of that is still there? Let us know in the comments below and stay right here on ELGN.

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