Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

At Sony’s E3 press conference we were given our first glimpse at Rocksteady Studio’s new Batman game, Batman Arkham Knight, thanks to a 4 min long gameplay trailer. After taking the last Batman game off the studio that brought us Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is back with Arkham Knight and Batman has never looked so good.

Batman and Gotham have never been this detailed and it almost makes you giddy. Watching the Bat fly over and through Gotham city hearing the roar of the wind as it ruffles his cape and the introduction of the Batmobile, any fan of Batman has to check this trailer out. The game seems to move just a flawlessly, if not more, than it’s predecessor’s and thankfully Rocksteady Studio’s hasn’t seemed to stream too far from what has made it’s last two Batman game’s great, and thankfully it looks like it will be as fun as ever to take control of the caped crusader.

Rocksteady has done a great job of capturing the feeling and look of Gotham City. As Batman flys through the city in the trailer you can’t help but be amazed at how beautiful the city looks. The buildings have a distinct batman feeling and even the night sky with a full moon off in the distance looks gorgeous. It’s clear that Rocksteady has taken full advantage of the current gen consoles and Batman fans should be excited.

Batman Arkham Knight will be out in 2015 and be sure to watch the gameplay trailer from E3 below.

How excited are you to fly through Gotham and drive the Batmobile? Will this be the best Batman Arkham game yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below and stay right here on ELGN for everything Batman.

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